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JUSTINCASE bars spotted at the Albert&Tina summer evening parties

By JUSTINCASE  -  On Aug 25, 2015

This year the Albertina Museum is celebrating five years of Albert&Tina summmer evening parties, and the JUSTINCASE bars were there to help the celebration.

17 bars for DIAGEO Bar Academy

By JUSTINCASE  -  On Jun 24, 2015

We just shipped 17 fresh bars to be used in DIAGEO's Bar Academy!
In just four palletts we fitted 17 bars, 17 bar legs, 17 brandings sets and many optionals. An impressive demonstration of how space saving our system is.


By JUSTINCASE  -  On Jun 17, 2015

A family weekend picnic demanded for a proper grilling set, so a super compact, complete grilling set was quickly assembled by René. Once the team got to see this technological wonder, an office-grill-session was demanded, resulting in a smelly and tasty lunch.

New 3D printer, new possibilities

By JUSTINCASE  -  On Jun 15, 2015

We just increased our customizing possibilities! A new 3D printer capable of producing virtually anything in plastic arrived yesterday at our office and we are already making good use of it!

Eichbaum rebrands their bars

By JUSTINCASE  -  On Jun 12, 2015

Returning customer Eichbaum ordered new branding sets for their double-bar. The company will be launching a new alcohol free lemonade this summer and will tour the country promoting the new product with JUSTINCASE bars.

JUSTINCASE at the Lisbon Bar Show 2015

By JUSTINCASE  -  On May 22, 2015

We were present at the Lisbon Bar Show 2015 together with our partner Black Pepper & Basil. The event took place in an amazing venue and was packed for the two days.

Weekend suggestion - Lulu White, Paris

By JUSTINCASE  -  On May 15, 2015

If you are passing by Paris or planning a trip there, make a visit to Lulu White, the new parisian cocktail bar at the trendy neighborhood of Pigalle. You might be lucky and catch this great band performing live.

Our printer is having a bad day

By JUSTINCASE  -  On May 6, 2015

After a couple of years of perfect prints, our faithful Roland printer decided to have a bad day and give us a real headache. After a phone call and the emergency visit of the good people at Printdoctor, she is back in business and ready to take your orders.

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